Who We Are

TYCS is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. We are a charity, with a constitution that reflects a benevolent purpose focused on enabling young people to find pathways away from dependency, away from crime and away from disadvantage. Pathways that enable them to participate in the community and live independent lives. This is enabled by donations and grant assistance that pays for educators, for the cost of building school and community skate facilities (education buildings), for resources for our mentors and volunteers and for the infrastructure that enables all this to happen.

Governance & Structure

Our company is the context for all our work, whether in remote communities or in metropolitan areas. We fundraise and identify ourselves in the context of a global benevolent organisation with the brand “Skate Aid”, however every dollar is accounted for as part of the work of TYCS.


Skate-Aid-Australia is therefore a public brand of Trinity Youth & Community Services Limited. As a Not-For-Profit Public Company Limited by Guarantee we have a non executive Board and are in process of registering with the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profit Commission. Our application for Deductible Gift Recipient Status is in progress and is based on the benevolent, educational and community development objectives of the company.

Constitution of Trinity Youth & Community Services (PDF)

ACNC (Official Website)

Skate Aid Global Website

The Board

Boris Schaber. With more than twenty years experience in community services, education and business leadership, Boris is an experienced director with substantial exposure to the skateboarding industry in Australia. Boris is also a qualified teacher.

Kodan Lynam. Kodan’s passion for skateboarding has resulted in him studying the uses and purpose for skate parks in communities all over the world. His interest in the  sport,  culture  and  people have given him experience in understanding the  answers to why people choose  to invest in skating. Kodan has been working to design and implement skate parks for more than five years and has substantial experience in the youth and community sector.

Tim Morris-Smith.  A Chartered Accountant and an experienced company director with more than twenty-five years experience in business including seven years as CFO of Mission Australia a major national community services organisation in Australia.